Exclusive: Suspect Accused Of Threatening DA

A parolee's threat of violence prompted round-the-clock protection for some of San Diego County's highest law enforcement officials, according to law enforcement sources.

From Saturday night to Monday night, San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and several other law enforcement officials were under 24-hour guard, sources said.

Parolee Frank Sorichetti, aka Frankie Corleone, allegedly made threats of violence against Dumanis and others and had cut off his G.P.S. tracking bracelet.

"It was the graphic nature of the way he was going to follow through, and it wasn't just  a mere threat, this was in writing and it was over an extended period of time," said Special Agent James Moreno of the California Dept. of Corrections.

In 2007, Corleone was convicted of stalking a woman in San Diego.  During his stay in prison he allegedly threatened to harm the people who put him there including Dumanis.Sources told NBCSanDiego that the threats were made against District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, former Sheriff Bill Kolender, a San Diego judge, a deputy D.A. and a local detective.

Sorichetti, who had his name legally changed to Frankie Corleone because he wanted to be a modern day Godfather, was paroled earlier this year. In August, parole agents found what they called incriminating evidence on his laptop.

Sources said the evidence included more threats.

Last week, Corleone was in a Riverside County courtroom on trial for making threats against state officials.

Dumanis testified during the trial, but the jury found Corleone not guilty and he was freed.  A G.P.S. tracking device was placed on his leg because of his prior conviction.

On Saturday, sources say Corleone took off his bracelet and threw it into a mailbox in San Bernardino County.

His alleged targets were immediately notified and officers provided around-the-clock protection, according to sources.

A special bulletin was sent across the nation for Corleone's immediate capture.

"So, we dropped everything that we were doing to make that our number one priority along with other agencies," Moreno said.

Monday night, U.S. Marshals tracked Corleone to Las Vegas and arrested him without incident.

"It is a tremendous relief," said Moreno.  "These are folks that are living in fear and that's unacceptable."

Corleone is now awaiting extradition to Southern California. 

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