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Surfer Caught Carving Coast Highway Quickly Goes Viral

Video of a man surfing a flooded Oceanside street in tow behind a friend’s SUV during Thursday’s rainstorm has gone viral.

The street surfer, Oceanside native Lukas Soelberg, said that turning chaos into fun was the motivation behind his decision to carve Coast Highway.

“I was just hitting the tail,” he said. “It was grinding on the ground the whole time. Oh, no keep moving but it ended up pretty good.”

It's safe to say that Soelberg and his dad are a pair of daredevils. “He's a crazy guy. Paragliding, surfing, he does it all, dirt biking,” his dad said.

But Thursday's heavy rain presented a rare opportunity for the duo.

The 19-year-old says they jumped into the family beach cruiser and decided to try out an extreme sport of their own.

"Jumped in the Suburban, grabbed some rope and the paddle board. It was all clogged up all the roads, the back streets, everything, so we popped out the back, grabbed the board -- Go go go!"

This video of Solberg surfing the streets quickly went viral. NBC 7 posted the video on the station’s Instagram account and it had close to 40,000 views in 24 hours. It’s probably impossible to count how many other accounts posted a similar video across all the social media platforms.

Soelberg told NBC 7 the family beach cruiser has also gained some new found fame.

Soelberg says he never thought what was only meant to be a little fun would be caught on camera.

“No one tried to stop us. We waved by the lifeguards, they were like yay, and we were like yay, no one's stopping us,” he said.

No one was hurt or injured during the stunt.

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