Car Drives on Sidewalk to Avoid SDPD in OB Chase

A driver evaded police officers after a pursuit that started in Mission Beach Tuesday morning and was arrested hours later in the same neighborhood.

A San Diego police patrol car tried to make a stop on Mariners Way near West Mission Bay Drive around 8:30 a.m.

The driver took off and at one point drove on the sidewalk, then crashed into a parked car and a police car on Castelar Street in Ocean Beach.

Then the driver made their way down Seaside Street and slipped through an opening between a fence and a guard rail at the street's dead end.

Officers ended the pursuit before they could apprehend the driver because it got too dangerous.

The front bumper fell off the car involved in the chase, and Ocean Beach resident Andrew Christesen noticed it on the side of the road near the dead end as he drove by.

"Driving by, I saw some car parts laying there," Christesen said. "So I stopped, grabbed them, came around and gave them to police."

Among those car parts was the front bumper of the car with the license plate attached.

The CA license plate 6MQD413 led police to search for a white 2010 Honda Accord. The car was found two hours later at Mission Bay Park and the driver was taken into custody.

"It was really dangerous," Christesen added. "And [the driver] put a lot of people's lives in jeopardy, that's for sure."

SDPD believes that the vehicle was stolen. Officers say that no one was hurt in the pursuit.

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