Sport Fishing Charters Back to Business After Coronavirus Docked Boats

H & M Landing was extremely busy on it's first day of sportfishing operation even though ticket costs have increased to account for health guidelines

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The sport fishing industry has been hit hard since the pandemic shut operations down in March, but over the weekend the county gave Point Loma's H&M Landing and other businesses the go ahead to start casting lines once again.

The county's timeline allows for businesses and fisherman to catch up through the rest of the season.

“Our phones have been non-stop since we made the announcement over the weekend. They will not stop calling. Everyone is very excited and very pleased,” said H&M Landing employee Connor Jobson.

Tuesday, the boats at H&M Landing loaded up with sport fishermen on the first day of business since the pandemic docked their boats.

“It felt really good. I thought I was caught in somebody else’s line but I got a catch!” said Shariny Salcedo.

Chris Hawkins, drove from Orange County to catch his overnight trip.

“In my opinion this is an essential business you know. It’s peoples livelihoods, and it’s a short window. Catching exotics isn’t a year-round thing,” said Hawkins.

Things are a little different now to allow for health guideline compliance.

“Sanitation, spacing. Just really trying to stay open but just get people in a safe and fun environment,” said Jobson.

Prices increased as boats will have fewer people to accommodate social distancing and those neck gaiters count as face masks too.

But you won't hear complaining from Salcedo.

“I’m gonna fish-fry that and eat it all by myself,” she said of her day's catch.

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