Rachael Guerra

Residents Get Their “Hands Dirty” in South Park for Community Cleanup

The first ever Clean Up South Park event was held on Saturday to clean up the quaint neighborhood

South Park neighbors and local business worked together and got their “hands dirty” to help make their cozy community sparkle.

The Clean Up South Park event is aimed at bringing value to South Park by giving neighbors and businesses continuing pride in the community, while creating an opportunity to come together and make a difference.

Volunteers of all ages donning green t-shirts helped picked up trash, paint over graffiti, clean up sidewalks and streets, pull gnarly weeds and sweep up street curbs.

Recycle stations were also available for residents to dispose trash, electronic-waste products and even tires.

The goal for South Park residents is to make the Clean Up South Park event part of a sustained awareness campaign which would include two community clean up events each year.

The cleanup event is important to South Park locals who wish to focus on drawing more businesses and visitors, reducing crime, increasing property values and adding beauty to their charming neighborhood.

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