Shining a Light on Solar Confusion

When a Lakeside resident realizes she’s been paying double for her solar power, NBC 7 Responds steps in to help cut through the red tape.

When you make a mistake paying a bill to a company or business, that business often wants you to clear it up right away. But what happens when the company or business makes a mistake? 

Sonja Ramos says she is a big fan of solar power at her new home in Lakeside. “The solar panels have been awesome, working with Solar City was wonderful,” she said. “They have been terrific as far as all their customer service goes.” 

But Sonja soon realized a mistake had been made when she set up a payment schedule with Solar City. 

“I set up an auto pay, which is through my bank, which automatically sends a check to the company,” Ramos said. 

At the same time though, her husband was also setting up automatic withdrawal payments with Solar City. So simply put, Ramos said, “They [Solar City] were auto deducting from one of my accounts and I was auto paying through another they [Solar City] were getting double payments.” 

Ramos discovered the problem and called Solar City immediately. 

“I need to close these accounts,” she said. “I need to close these books, I need to move forward because it’s taking a lot of time calling them every week and they were not contacting me.” 

Ramos stopped the double payments but was in the dark when it came to getting her money back. 

“The customer service agent responded, he did his figures and found they owed us an $1100 reimbursement.” she said. 

For two months, Sonja went back and forth with Solar City representatives but did not see the refund she was owed. That’s when she called NBC 7 Responds. 

“I appreciate you coming out to help me with this because I feel like I’m just hitting a brick wall,” Ramos said when NBC 7 Responds came out to meet her. 

By the end of the week, NBC 7 Responds went back out to see Sonja. 

“You spoke with me on Monday and by Wednesday morning, I got a voicemail that said we want to talk to you about a resolution from Solar City.” she said. “They told me a tracking number and said a check is in the mail.” 

Ramos received a check from Solar City for the amount of $670.26 and a credit for the next two months of solar service. 

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” she said. “I had been trying but I could not have done it without you.”

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