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Snow Blankets San Diego Mountains for Holiday Weekend

The most surprising thing on the menu this Thanksgiving was snow. San Diego County transformed into a Winter Wonderland as families reunited for the holiday weekend – some even taking to the mountains to enjoy the flurries.

The storm brought inches – and in some cases feet – of snow to Southern California mountains as of 3 a.m. Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

Big Bear Resorts had big snowfall with 4 feet of the powder covering the getaway. Palomar Mountain received 22.5 inches, Pine Valley saw a dusting with 2 inches, and the snowfall continued inland, even reaching parts of Interstate 8.

In Pine Valley, a flashing sign is posted, warning drivers of a reduced 25 mph speed limit and chain enforcement. Warnings reach as far west as Lake Jennings.

For those eager to see the local Winter Wonderland or for those who need to commute through the area, chains are required on all vehicles driving on the snowy roadways.

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The CHP said only vehicles outfitted with chains or four-wheel drive snow-rated tires will be allowed access to the mountains.

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San Diego County Department of Public Works said chains are also required on Montezuma Valley Road.

Sunrise Highway was closed due to ice on Friday but was reopened around 1 p.m. Saturday to a pile of cars waiting to get in.


Multiple snow plow crews are in the area clearing roadways dusted with snow.

Thanksgiving Day marked the first major snowfall of the season in San Diego County.

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