San Diego

Skydiver Injured in ‘Hard Landing': Cal Fire

A U.S. Navy student training in parachuting suffered moderate injuries during a "hard landing" while skydiving at a training camp in San Diego Tuesday, Cal Fire officials said.

Firefighters arrived at the location of Skydive San Diego on Otay Lakes Road just before 11:30 a.m.

Newschopper 7 captured video of several emergency vehicles on the landing field. An ambulance left the location with lights flashing.

Cal Fire officials said the call was regarding an injured skydiver. 

A man described as in his mid-30s suffered moderate injuries during a hard landing, Cal Fire spokesperson Isaac Sanchez said. 

He was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital by ambulance, Sanchez said.

Greg Lund, office manager for Skydive San Diego said the skydiving company sits on two sides, one of which is a U.S. Navy training camp. Tuesday's incident happened on the Navy side, while a student was training, Lund said.

NBC 7 has reached out to the Navy for more details.

This is the second incident this week for the company Skydive San Diego.

On Sunday, an instructor landed in rocky terrain and suffered a broken leg and ankle. The instructor was helping a student who lost stability in a freefall, according to a company spokesperson. 

The student landed safely.

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