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Scripps Ranch Neighbors Catch Multiple Car Break-Ins on Camera

Neighbors in the Stonebridge Estates area of Scripps Ranch say over a dozen people were hit by car burglars over the weekend

Community members in the Stonebridge Estates area in Scripps Ranch were anxious and on edge Monday morning after a series of car burglaries over the weekend.

"It's about somebody going through your personal space," said Gina Manos who has lived in the area for more than 10 years. "It's just a bad feeling."

Manos's husband's truck was parked outside her home Sunday morning when at around 3:45 a.m. a burglar started to rifle through the vehicle.

"They really took their time and rummaged through the truck," she said while watching her home's security footage.

Shortly after, another person in a hooded checkered jacket walks up the driveway and tries to open Manos's daughter's car.

The video also shows a car pulling up down the street to pick up the two men.

"When I posted [the footage] on the social media page, other people said someone else has the exact same video of the exact same person," Manos said.

Sure enough, posts on Nextdoor and Facebook multiplied with alleged sightings of the same group outside other neighbors' homes.

"I was pretty surprised to find out there was 10 or 15 other vehicles that had been broken into," Manos said.

The San Diego Police Department could not confirm recent reports of car break-ins in the area, but noted it might take a day for the incidents to update in their system.

SDPD encouraged Scripps Ranch residents to report similar crimes so they can potentially put more patrols in the area.

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