Naval Base San Diego

Security Exercise at Naval Base San Diego Includes Active Shooter Drills

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A two-week security exercise consisting of simulated drills, including an "insider attack" on base, is underway at Naval Base San Diego.

The mock inside attack started as a member of the Navy posed as a gunman drove onto a busy Navy pier and opened fire on members of the military.

“One of the biggest threats in the military is an insider threat -- somebody that works closely with the military or they are military personnel themselves,” said Master at Arms Christopher Wilke.

Four separate drills were conducted on one of the pier’s on base and different components of Navy security were utilized. Forces who protect the base communicated with security on each individual ship.

Sailor Estella Salas, Master at Arms, said she knows how important these trainings are.

“You definitely feel your blood pumping, because in light of recent events it's something that has happened very close to home for a lot of us," she said.

Deadly insider attacks have happened at U.S. military bases including Washington DC and recently in Hawaii.

The action was captured in real time using a high-tech Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, or MILES. The system detects every detail of the engagements between the active shooter and the sailors who are charged with stopping the attack.

There are sensors on vests the sailors are wearing which can detect when and who hit targets in real time.

“Bottom line, up front it creates a realistic training environment," said Paul Cahill with the system’s manufactured, HTS.

Base Commanding Officer Mark Nieswiadomy said this training is vital as there are thousands of personnel on base including active duty government civilians and contractors.

“Security and public safety is very important. We have national assets here,” Nieswiadomy said.

One of the biggest challenges the Navy deals with is communication, especially when exercises include other members of law enforcement like the San Diego Police Department.

After the trainings the military will debrief and evaluate areas of success and where improvements can be made.

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