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SDUSD Leaders to Take Next Step in Developing Budget for Next Year

The District must cut $124 million to balance its budget, or ten percent of its total budget.

San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) leaders will vote Tuesday evening on potential budget solutions that will have a significant impact on the jobs and salaries of almost every department in the district. 

The District must cut $124 million to balance its budget, or ten percent of its total budget. 

Chief Financial Officer Patricia Koch told NBC 7 every department in the district will be impacted to some extent. Teachers and elementary school vice principals, nurses, maintenance workers, landscapers, custodians, school police, health technicians are among those who will be impacted.

Some positions in every department will be eliminated. Read the Board's meeting agenda here

Those employees who keep their jobs will have a reduced work year, meaning they will take a pay cut.

Teachers will not face a shortened year, but teachers could get laid off as senior teachers working in support positions move back to the classroom.

Even if there is more money from the Governor’s revised budget in May, it will not solve this structural deficit, which has become worse due to “declining enrollment, pension contribution increases, labor market pressures, and mandates from the state and federal governments,” according to the District.

Koch says in the past, furlows were in lieu of making cuts to jobs.

This time, she says, even with the furlow, positions “slated to be eliminated will be eliminated.” This is a structural deficit that needs to be solved for the long term.

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