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SDSU Students Witness Killing of Uber Driver in Rosarito

The victim was shot multiple times by a driver who pulled up next to the Uber car in a black sedan.

Three American citizens were taking an Uber from a nightclub to their rented apartment in Rosarito, Mexico, when their Uber driver was shot and killed, Mexican authorities confirmed. 

The Attorney General of Justice in Baja California says that two of the three passengers were San Diego State University students on break in the resort city south of Tijuana in Baja California last week on Mar. 30.

Some other SDSU students who were also visiting Rosarito for Spring Break spoke with NBC 7. They surprised to hear about this deadly shooting, considering that they felt safe in Mexico.

"That's crazy...I have no idea. I've never felt like I was unsafe in Uber," said Kelsey Clark, a sophomore at SDSU.

The students agreed that the best advice is to always watch your surroundings.

"I'm kind of shocked. Didn't believe it. Weird because I was there," said Christina Clark, a sophomore at SDSU. "Kind of unbelievable."

The students who witnessed the fatal shooting hired the Uber to get from Papas and Beer to a residence at Club Marena at about 11:35 p.m. in Rosarito police officials said. 

A black sedan pulled up next to the Uber and shot the driver multiple times.

The passengers rushed to try and help their driver, police said. However, by the time police arrived on scene, the man was dead. 

The victim was identified as Jose Humberto Felix Mendez, age 28, of Mexico. There is no known motive for the attack.

Mendez was a new driver partner with Uber who started operating in Tijuana in Aug. 2014 and in Mexico City on Aug. 2013.

"We were deeply saddened to hear the news about our driver partner," said Uber spokeswoman, Tracey Breeden, in a statement. "Our hearts and thoughts are with the grieving family impacted by this horribly tragic incident."

"We will support the police investigation in every way possible," said Breeden. "We encourage the public to help assist authorities, and we hope the persons responsible will be identified by the police."

None of the passengers were injured, a representative for the Rosarito Police Department said. 

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