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San Marcos Standoff Ends With Suspect in Attempted Homicide Case Killing Himself

Deputies were trying to deliver a warrant for the suspect's involvement in an attempted homicide case in Carlsbad.

A SWAT standoff ended in San Marcos Monday when the man killed himself after deputies tried to deliver a warrant for his involvement in an attempted homicide case, confirmed deputies.

Deputies were delivering the warrant for the 54-year-old man's connection with an attempted homicide case in Carlsbad, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's department (SDSO). The suspect refused to come out of his home and eventually shot himself.

The standoff started at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday night at the 1000 block of Brightwood Drive, said deputies. A neighbor who witnessed the whole standoff told NBC 7 he saw a woman with two dogs run out of the house.

Then, he heard a single, ear-piercing gunshot ring out.

"When the gunshot happened, I heard her exclaim and start crying and saying oh my word, oh my word," said Mark Bower, a neighbor near the standoff. "I believe she knew what was going on as well. It was very sad."

Once the gun shot was fired, authorities sent a robot into the house which found the man's body dead inside.

Another neighbor, Natasha Lapeyre, told NBC 7 she woke up to the SWAT Team surrounding the area close to her house.

"They didn't go in for another two hours because they didn't know if he was shooting at them, or if he shot himself. They just wanted to be safe, you know? But it was pretty scary," said Lapeyre.

Further details about the suspect's involvement in the attempted homicide case in Carlsbad were not immediately available. NBC 7 is following up with Carlsbad Police for more information on the case.

Nearby residents shaken by the standoff say the area is generally a quiet and tight-knit neighborhood. They said the people living in the house involving the standoff had just moved in a few days ago.

Earlier Monday morning, there were still boxes left unpacked on the front porch.

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