San Marcos Couple's Tax Return Greater Than They Signed Off On

Tax season may be over, but a San Marcos couple is sure having a lot of trouble with their tax preparer.

Back in January, Reynaldo Ayala and Floriselda Ramirez filed their taxes at T.K. Tax Services in Vista.

Within a couple of weeks they received their state refund. However, they were not as lucky with their $5,038 federal refund.

“It never arrived, the state came in fine straight into my wife’s bank account, but the federal never arrived,” recalled Ayala.

Several weeks went by and nothing.

Concerned, the couple contacted the Internal Revenue Service.

“They (The IRS) told us that the refund had already been deposited and it was for a greater amount,” said Ayala.

He added that the agency showed him that the refund was for $5,739 and not the $5,038 they signed off for when they filed.

According the couple, the IRS advised them to check with the tax preparer to find out where the money was deposited and why was it for an additional $700.

They did.

They say T.K. Tax Service gave them a Citivisa Bank cashier’s check for the amount of $5,038. They were also given a bill for $634.

The couple says they became even more confused.

“We have the receipt that shows we paid $150 to file our taxes back in January, where is this other bill coming from?” questioned Ayala.

The couple contacted Telemundo 20 Responde.

We reached out to the tax preparer to sort things out. But it was an attorney who reached out to us.

He too did not explain what could’ve happened despite the couple submitting written authorization to do so with Telemundo 20.

What did happen, was that the couple received a cease and desist letter apparently from the attorney. It gave them a few days to retract what they had said to Telemundo 20.

They did not agree.

“It did scare me,” said Ayala, “but we have nothing to hide and we have the documents that support everything we are saying.”

T.K. Insurance has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Ayala and Ramirez claim that they are still in contact with the IRS regarding this matter.

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