Logan Heights

San Diego's New Police Chief Addresses Safety Concerns at Meeting in Logan Heights

San Diego's new police chief wants to hear from residents about concerns in their neighborhood, so on Monday, Chief David Nisleit met with neighbors in Logan Heights.

It’s an area that has seen a string of violence over the last couple of weeks.

Langston Grant, 16, told NBC 7 he knows about crime in his neighborhood first-hand.

"I've been approached by ‘wanna-be’ gang members or even gang members asking me if I'm a gang member or asking me for money or anything like that," Grant explained.

Grant lives in Logan Heights, an area that has been hit with crime.

In recent weeks, two shootings happened just blocks from his home, claiming the lives of three men.

It's an issue Nisleit told NBC 7 he isn't taking lightly, and Monday's meeting at the Memorial Recreation Center is an example of his commitment.

"it's a great relationship builder, it's a great way for me to come out and hear from the communities themselves. They get to know me, I get to know them, and we can address those problems that have been brought up," Nisleit said.

The chief said another issue he's working hard on is the extreme officer shortage.

Right now, the department is short 250 officers and it's impacting every area from officers out patrolling, to specialized teams.

Nisleit told NBC 7 the department is holding an academy on June 4. He's hoping for 50 recruits -- the city's biggest academy in several years.

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