San Diego Woman Inspired to ‘Pay It Forward'

Kaci Madden has started opening tabs at local businesses to support them during the pandemic and encourage others to pay it forward

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San Diego chiropractor Kaci Madden says she was inspired by the movie "Pay It Forward" to do her small part during the pandemic.

For the past six weeks, Madden has been going to small local businesses and opening a $100 tab, then sharing the business' name on her social media and encouraging her followers to support the local business, paying forward the tab if they can.

"I just really resonated always with the idea of, like, the ripple effect, when you do something and it just causes massive changes, even if it's just a small little thing," Madden said.

On Friday, she opened a tab at the Corner House Cafe & Pizzeria in Sorrento Valley. The owner, Kiu Pour, said he's owned the business for 20 years and has lost 75 percent of his profits during the pandemic. He said that it's because of loyal customers like Madden that he's able to keep his business alive.

"It's not the money that you put in, it's just the thought behind it that counts -- that somebody out there really cares -- and it just makes you feel good," he said.

Madden said she hopes people will feel love through her efforts.

"We can still connect," Madden said. "There's still love and hope out there. If you’re not experiencing it because you’re by yourself -- you’re isolated in your home by yourself -- know that people are still thinking about you and sending love your way."

You can follow Madden on Facebook here.

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