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New Results Released in SDUSD's Testing of Drinking Water

San Diego Unified School District is testing all of its schools for lead in the drinking water

San Diego Unified School District has released a new round of results in the effort to test drinking water for lead at all district schools and charter schools on district property.

Some schools tested positive but were below levels at which the district is required to take action under state guidelines.

Under State Water Resources Control Board guidelines, school districts must retest water sources after a positive result of lead in water at levels greater than 15 parts per billion (ppb).

Results for McKinley Elementary came back with three samples measuring at 12.9, 9.75 and 5.92 ppb.

Here are the other schools that were positive but below the result that would mandate the district take action:

Ballard Elementary – Positive, Below EPA Limit (10ppb sample)

Chollas Mead Elementary – Positive, Below EPA Limit (7.75ppb sample)

Franklin Elementary – Positive, Below EPA Limit (5.15 sample)

Gage Elementary – Positive, Below EPA Limit (one sample 10.1ppb, another 5.21ppb)

Keiler Leadership Academy – Positive, Below EPA limit (5.12 sample)

McKinley Elementary – Positive, Below EPA Limit (three samples: 12.9, 9.75, 5.92)

Levels at or above 15 ppb have only been discovered at two schools in the district.

San Diego Unified School District is publishing test results for each school here.

NBC 7 is mapping the schools and the results. Parents can view how the testing is going and click on each location for updates and links to test results.

Among the list of schools added Tuesday in the district's process for testing are Challenger Elementary, Cubberly Elementary, De Portola Middle, Dingeman Elementary, East Village High School, E.B. Scripps Elementary, Einstein Charter @ Brooklyn, Hage Elementary, Hancock Elementary, Harriet Tubman Village Charter @ Muir, Hickman Elementary, Jones Elementary, Juarez Elementary, King Chavez Group Charter, Linda Vista Elementary, Marshall Middle, Marvin Elementary, Mason Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Miller Elementary, Miramar Ranch Elementary, Normal Heights Elementary, Ross Elementary, Sandburg Elementary, Scripps Ranch High School, Serra High School, Taft Middle, Twain Main, Walker Elementary and Wangenheim Middle.

In 2009, California’s health department, OEHHA, set the public health goal for lead in drinking water at 0.2 parts per billion.

The California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) and the American Academy of Pediatrics maintain there is no safe level of lead in drinking water provided to children.

Lead poisoning in children can cause symptoms ranging from headaches and hearing or speech problems to learning and behavioral problems or damage to the brain and nervous system.

The potential for lead contamination in the water supply is greater in buildings built before 1986, according to health, water and city experts.

There are 447 schools across San Diego County built before 1986.

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