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Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives in San Diego After Its Delay Prompts Closure of Downtown Vaccination Site

Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

San Diego County has received a shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine whose delay last week led to supply shortages that forced at least one county-run vaccination site to shut down for days.

The shipment of the Moderna vaccine was expected to arrive in San Diego County on Friday but was delayed for an unspecified reason. It finally arrived on Tuesday but what caused the delay remains unclear.

The missing doses meant that San Diego County had to halt some already-scheduled COVID-19 vaccine appointments, specifically at the downtown San Diego Vaccination Supersite adjacent to Petco Park and operated by UC San Diego Health.

The location was closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as a result but will reopen Wednesday as planned, according to UC San Diego Health.

"“Petco appointments will be automatically rescheduled through UCSD MyChart," the health group said.

Other locations had to limit the availability of appointments to those seeking their second shot -- even going as far to postpone some appointments for first-time patients. The county said they had enough supply to get them through Monday.

The county was not aware of how many vaccines were slated to be delivered Friday but were notified Thursday night that the doses would not arrive.

Frustrations over securing what seems like an elusive appointment for the vaccine have troubled eligible residents. Online slots for the vaccination have typically been filled quickly, leaving some locals waiting for the shot, and Friday’s delay further adds to their frustrations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised that people waiting for their second shot will still achieve maximum immunity up to 42 days between doses.

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