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Delivery Shortfall of COVID-19 Vaccines to Impact Availability in San Diego County

It is unclear why the doses of COVID-19 vaccines were not delivered to the region on Friday. The shipment is now expected on Tuesday

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A delivery shortfall of COVID-19 vaccines will cause a delay in administering the shots in San Diego County, according to a county spokesperson.

The county confirmed an expected delivery of Moderna vaccines did not arrive in San Diego on Friday as planned, which will lead to a delay in giving vaccinations and pausing confirmed appointments. For now, priority will be given to second dose appointments with doses the county currently has.

Individuals who were scheduled to receive their first dose of the vaccine may have to be rescheduled at a later time or date, depending on availability at each independent location.

NBC 7's Dave Summers took a closer look at the impacts caused by the shipment delay.

As a result, the vaccination super station in downtown San Diego will not be open Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, the county spokesperson told NBC 7. Appointments scheduled for Friday and Saturday will be honored at the site but will depend on availability. Appointments at this super station will automatically reschedule through the UCSD MyChart, according to the county.

The county was not aware of how many vaccines were slated to be delivered Friday but were notified Thursday night that the doses would not arrive. The shipment is now expected on Tuesday.

The spokesperson said the South Bay and East County super stations have enough supplies to get through Monday. San Marcos North County super station and county PODs have enough supplies to meet second dose appointments along with a limited supply of first doses.

It is unclear why the vaccines were not shipped to the region.

The county said those who may experience a delay in second doses, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised that people can wait up to 42 days between doses and will achieve maximum immunity.

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