Tropical Storm Brings 3rd Day of Rain to San Diego

Heavy showers fell in San Diego early Wednesday, the third day of a storm system spurred by tropical weather moving north from Baja California.

The storm, according to NBC7’s Whitney Southwick, will weaken by late morning producing just partly cloudy skies for the afternoon in most areas.

The exception could be some possible thunderstorms in our local mountains.

Conditions will feel tropical, rain or not; muggy and hot with 70s at the coast, 80s valleys, 60s in the mountains and low to mid 90s in the deserts.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, Southwick added, much of the county saw showers, heavy at times, all originating from what was Hurricane Paine.

“The mountains were the big winners on Tuesday, where we saw many places get more than 1.25” Southwick said.

On Wednesday the heavier rain fell nearer the coast and over the valleys, he added.

The rare, summer storm caused numerous problems on the roads with dozens of accidents the past two days.

[G] You Know It's Fall in San Diego

Anyone considering swimming or surfing in the ocean off the coast is advised to wait 72 hours after the rain, according to the Department of Environmental Health.

The rainfall we’ve received moves large amounts of bacteria into storm drains, creeks, rivers and lagoons, county officials said.

The advisory includes all coastal beaches and all of Mission Bay and San Diego Bay.

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