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San Diego Museum of Man Announces Inclusive Name Change

On its website, the Balboa Park-based museum said it has "begun the process of changing our name to better reflect our commitment to inclusivity"

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The San Diego Museum of Man suddenly announced it is changing its name to a more inclusive option -- the Museum of Us.

The Balboa Park-based anthropology museum made the abrupt announcement on Facebook and changed its profile picture accordingly. In its new avatar, the word "man" is crossed out with "us" replacing it.

"We are extremely excited to have a name that reflects our commitment to being a place that truth-tells and challenges, but does so from a place of love," CEO Micha Parzen said in a statement.

In its announcement, the museum said it was "time we step into a new identity that better reflects our values of equity, inclusion and decolonization."

Its website URL was also changed to Those who visit the site will be greeted with a message stating the museum's reason for the name change.

The idea to change the name to be more inclusive first came up in 1991. In 2017, the museum's Board of Trustees thought it was time to reconsider a name change.

It was an effort that took more than two years to get the new name finalized and announced. The museum's Board of Trustees adopted the new name on June 24.

The museum has been in operation for more than 40 years.

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