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San Diego Leaders React to Biden's Projected Win

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, tweeted: “I can't stop crying.”

President-elect Joe Biden speaks in Wilmington, Del.
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San Diego County leaders reacted to projections by multiple media outlets declaring Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election.

Saturday at around 8:30 a.m. PST, reports surfaced that Biden would win Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes, putting him over the 270 needed to win the presidency.

Steve Padilla, Chula Vista City Councilman and coastal commissioner, said on Twitter: “The PEOPLE have spoken. A son of Scranton and a daughter of immigrants together with millions have made history. Our nation and society are at our best when our hearts are about inclusion and not division.”

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher commented on a tweet by CNN's Jake Tapper, “CNN projects the U.S. presidency for Joe Biden,” by tweeting “Best tweet ever.”

Rep. Juan Vargas tweeted: “Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their historic win. I look forward to working with the new administration. There's a lot of work ahead of us.”

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, tweeted: “I can't stop crying.”

Nick Serrano, campaign manager for Todd Gloria, who leads the race to be San Diego's next mayor with some votes still uncounted, tweeted: “In this election, the history books will show that truth triumphed over lies. Hope defeated fear. Unity won over division. Light conquered the darkness.”

Sara Jacobs, U.S. House candidate for the 53rd District, said: “Today we celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief, but tomorrow we get to work. Because there is so much to do. It won't be enough to turn back the clock to before Donald Trump. We have to go forward with hope and optimism and the responsibility to make life better for all Americans.”

Former Rep. Darrell Issa said on Twitter: “President Trump — I stand with you, just as you have stood with me from 2016 until today. The fact that poll watchers are not being allowed to adequately supervise certain recounts is completely unacceptable. This is America. Election integrity comes first.”

Tony Krvaric, chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego said, “The election for president will be over when results are duly certified, not when media conglomerates decide. We stand with President Trump in using every avenue to ensure all legal votes are counted so that the American people can have confidence in their elections.”

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