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San Diego Judge Denies Restraining Order Against Former Kiss Guitarist

On Thursday a San Diego North County judge denied a restraining order against Ace Frehley, former KISS guitarist

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On Thursday San Diego North County Judge Harry L. Powazek denied a restraining order against rock legend Ace Frehley.

Frehley's former girlfriend, Rachael Gordon, filed for a restraining order against the former KISS guitarist in late July.

Following the decision in an exclusive interview with Frehley, he said he feels vindicated.

“I never laid a hand on Rachael and she admitted it in her deposition,” said Frehley.

In court, Judge Powazek said domestic violence is never logical.

The couple dated for 11 years and were living together in a Rancho Santa Fe mansion.

“We had been inseparable, completely inseparable since then,” Gordon said.

Gordon said things changed the night of July 12, 2019, when Frehley rushed into their Rancho Santa Fe home, took his belongings, and suddenly left.

Gordon said one of the bodyguards threatened her.

“When I turned to go out of the room the female bodyguard had her fist in my face already and said, 'hey if you say one word you’re going down, one word and listen I’m going to lay you out, right now,’” Gordon recalled. “She grits her teeth right up into my face and scared me.”

Frehley's attorney Jennifer Goldman said Frehley was taking his things because the couple broke-up.

Following the judge’s ruling, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer said he has no ill-feeling towards Gordon.

“I hope she finds someone else and continues on with her life,” said Frehley. “I have no bad feelings about her, we did have some good times, but those have passed.”

Gordon said despite not being granted the restraining order she said she still feels like she won.

“I won because legally he can’t come around,” explained Gordon. “I have a lot of power right now that I can work with and plan to work with.”

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