San Diego

San Diego International Airport Surpasses 20M Annual Passengers

For the first time in its 88-year history, the San Diego International Airport has surpassed 20 million annual passengers.

Over the course of 2015, the airport saw a 7 percent increase in passengers from the 2014, according to preliminary data reported by the airport. 

“Crossing the 20-million-passenger threshold is an important and meaningful milestone,” said Thella F. Bowens, President and CEO of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, in a statement. “But more important is the fact that the airport has seen consistent and sustainable growth in the post-recession years.”

More than 10 million passengers departed from the airport in 2015, a seven percent increase from 2014. 

The airport had 700,000 international passengers in 2015 as well, a four percent increase from the previous year. 

Additionally, more than 165,000 flights with more than 60 seats took off from the airport in 2015. 

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