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San Diego Homes Eligible for Amazon Key, New In-Home Delivery Service

San Diego is one of over 30 cities chosen to kick-off the new Amazon delivery service where packages can be delivered inside a customer’s home.

In a consumer environment where convenience is key, Amazon is introducing a new service allowing couriers delivering your packages to unlock your front door and leave your packages inside when you’re not home. 

San Diego is one of the 37 cities Amazon announced will be eligible for the in-home delivery service.  

Amazon said the new delivery system will not require a code or key to unlock your door and the delivery process will be recorded for consumers, who can stream the delivery live or watch at a later point. 

The service is only available for Amazon Prime members and requires purchasing an Amazon Key In-Home kit for $249.99. The kit includes an Amazon cloud camera and smart lock for your front door. Once the in-home kit is set-up, Amazon said customers can choose “in-home delivery” for no extra cost. 

Before a package is delivered, Amazon said customers using the in-home delivery service will receive a notification allowing them to choose if the package is left outside, delivered inside or an option to cancel the delivery. 

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On Wednesday, most San Diegans NBC 7 spoke to were skeptical of the service. 

"I feel my home is private and I don't want anybody that I don't really know coming into my home," Joe Delia said.

"If they can guarantee it would be 100% safe, then I would say why not?" Suibhne Blaix said.

Amazon said the company expects the new service to extend beyond package deliveries and one day, might eventually include services like dog walkers or house cleaners that can utilize the Amazon Key system. 

If customers experience property damage or are not satisfied with the service or delivery, Amazon said claims can be filed within thirty days of their in-home delivery and it will be investigated. 

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