San Diego DA Critical of Courtroom Sketch

DA Bonnie Dumanis would not go into detail about her testimony

San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis appeared in federal court Wednesday to testify in a trial involving campaign finance.

Mexico businessman Jose Susumo Azano Matsura faces federal charges for allegedly funneling $600,000 into San Diego political campaigns. Dumanis was called to testify by Azano's defense team.

The morning after her testimony, when she appeared on a local television morning newscast, Dumanis commented that the sketch of her on the witness stand was "not very flattering."

Dumanis often visits television stations to discuss criminal matters. She has often been a guest on NBC 7.

On Thursday, she was talking with members of KUSI-TV when she joked about the courtroom sketch distributed following her testimony.

“I want to know the name of the artist who did those pictures,” she said. “ Boy did he make me look old.”

The artist, Krentz Johnson, earned her B.A. in Fine Arts from San Diego State University in 1978. She's been sketching courtroom testimony here in San Diego since 2003. NBC 7 has reached out to Johnson for comment.

In response to other questions about her testimony, Dumanis would not go into detail.

“I wouldn’t want to say anything that might impact that trial in any way,” she said.

On Wednesday, Dumanis testified that she had two meetings with Azano. She described the first meeting as a meet-and-greet at the businessman's home in Coronado and the second meeting happened at San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore's house.

Azano is accused of making more than $600,000 in illegal contributions to former Mayor Bob Filner, failed mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis, and other candidates.

The District Attorney has been a longtime friend of former SDPD detective Ernesto Encinas who pleaded guilty, admitting that he funneled money into local campaigns on behalf of Azano.

In July 2014, Dumanis appeared on the same television station to say she regretted writing a letter of recommendation for Azano's son.

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