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Deputies Shoot, Kill Man in San Marcos Gated Community

"While in the garage, the suspect threatened to kill deputies and later himself, claiming he had a "Glock 40" in his possession," a spokesperson said.

A man was shot and killed by a San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy who was investigating a burglary in a gated community in San Marcos.

Deputies were called to the Silver Crest gated community on Edgewater Drive just after 3:00 a.m. Wednesday.

A homeowner called 911 saying there was someone in his home with a baseball bat, SDSO Public Information Officer Ryan Keim said.

"A call of a burglary where the homeowner was upstairs with his family and reported that someone unknown to them was downstairs with a baseball bat in their house," Keim said.

Homicide Lt. Greg Rylaarsdam said the victim ran back upstairs where his wife and two teenagers were and locked a door behind them.

Two deputies arrived within minutes and entered the home through a sliding glass door in the back of the home.

The burglary suspect had his arms full with items from the home, Rylaarsdam said.

The suspect ran into the garage where he opened a garage door and tried to steal a car, Rylaarsdam said. When that one didn't start, the man jumped into a second car.

It was at this point when the burglary suspect threatened the deputies, according to the department spokesperson.

"While in the garage, the suspect threatened to kill deputies and later himself, claiming he had a "Glock 40" in his possession," Rylaarsdam said.

The burglary suspect rammed the car into a parked car on the driveway in an attempt to get away, deputies said.

The suspect got out of the vehicle and ran into the driveway.

When he confronted the two deputies, one of them fired a gun, the other fired a beanbag device, Rylaarsdam said.

The suspect was struck in the torso and died on scene after life saving measures failed, Rylaarsdam said.

The person killed in the shooting was not identified. No weapon was found.

"We believe that was the only person involved. No deputies were injured," Keim said.

Keim said the information was preliminary and that witnesses were still being questioned.

Deputies were checking cars leaving the neighborhood.

One woman, who lives five houses from the location of the shooting, was not aware of the incident until she saw uniformed deputies outside of her home.

“Of course I feel nervous because this is a good neighborhood actually,” said Agnes Asuncion.

The location of the community is south of State Route 78 and west of Interstate 15 in San Diego's North County.

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