San Diegans Look Forward to 2022 with Fresh Hope

"Back to normal" was a sentiment shared by many people NBC 7 spoke with on New Year's Eve

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A lot of people are ready to put 2021 behind them, and as we prepare to enter a new year, NBC 7 asked San Diegans to look back and share their thoughts on this past year and the next.

Many of the people NBC 7 spoke with cited things they were glad to leave behind.

“Like all the chaos of the pandemic that has been going on this year and last year,” Romeo said.

“The stress of 2020, 2021,” Ana said. “It has been so unknown, so I’m just looking forward to what is ahead. Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen.”

“I’m hoping for a more low-risk environment, some more fun out in the community and stuff getting back to normal,” Ronnie said.

Living through a pandemic for going on two years has prompted many of us to rethink our priorities and how we want to spend our time. NBCLX contributor Michelle Park explored how people are incorporating their new mindsets into their New Year's resolutions. For some folks, 2022 is all about being their most authentic selves; for others, it's about setting up their future or testing themselves physically.

"Back to normal" was a sentiment shared by many people NBC 7 spoke to. Others offered more personal ambitions:

“Working on myself, just bettering myself, connecting with more people, because I think just the last two years, we had to take a stand back as far as relationships,” Ana said.

“Live music is definitely what I’m looking forward to the most,” Ali said. “Live music, being able to enjoy it next to people and dance.”

And many San Diegans also shared their hopes for the future.

“[Looking forward to] new experiences,” Sarah said. 

“I look forward to starting a new career in real estate and getting good grades this coming year, doing better in school,” Samantha said.

“Hoping that people are going to be nicer and that there will be more goodwill in the new year,” Travis said.

Now that's a thought everyone can agree with.

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