Salon Owner Hopes Surveillance Video Identifies Intruder

Video shows man breaking into store and taking off with entire cash register

Surveillance video shows a man shining a flashlight through the glass front door of Couture Hair Bar & Spa in Carmel Mountain Ranch just after 3 a.m. last Friday.

Seconds later the intruder disappears from view and returns with a crowbar smashing through the glass. He then heads straight for the cash register behind the reception counter and takes the drawer with him, dragging cables and items behind him as he leaves.

“He puts his shirt over his mouth area, but you can see very visual characteristics” said Amy Bailey, the salon’s owner.

Bailey gave the video to NBC 7 San Diego in hopes that someone will recognize the man.

The burglar’s overweight build and hair style, balding on top and shoulder length on the bottom, give him a few distinguishing characteristics.

"I’m sitting there watching the video feeling so violated. How can some human do that to somebody else?" said Bailey.

She nicknamed the intruder the “slob robber” based on his appearance and the mess he created in about 20 seconds.

Bailey believes the criminal is experienced based on how quickly he gets in and out.

If there’s one thing that makes her feel better about the ordeal, it’s that the man got away with a cash register drawer full of small coins.

She emptied the drawer of cash the night before.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact police.

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