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Runaway Bull Goes Rogue in Ramona

"It was a little Ramona untamed, you know," one witness said. "The rodeo unchained out there. It was pretty fun. "

A rogue bull running down the middle of the street?

It's probably not something you see everyday...but for some residents and drivers in Ramona, that was the case Tuesday morning.

The runaway bull put on quite the show for Phil De Martimprey, who caught the scene on video.

"It was a little Ramona untamed, you know," said De Martimprey. "The rodeo unchained out there. It was pretty fun. "

At 9:04 a.m. Tuesday, San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO) was called to assist the California Highway Patrol (CHP) after a black bull was reported to be running around the street at the 257000 block of Bellemore Drive.

SDSO said the bull was a traffic hazard and Animal Control was dispatched to the area.

De Martimprey said he was going to meet some people down the street when he saw the bull in a family's yard. He pulled over to the side and captured the scene on video.

He said it appeared that someone had roped the bull but it managed to escape.

His video shows two men on horses attempting to round up the bull. They managed to eventually lasso the bull and pull it to the side of the street near a field.

De Martimprey said one of the men brought a trailer and they loaded the bull into it.

All the excitement happened in Staci Johnson's front yard. But she told NBC 7, to her dismay, she and her family were not home. 

3730 i was bummed i wanted to see it. all the action was happening i was not here (laughs) "

"I was bummed. I wanted to see it. All the action was happening and I  was not here," Johnson laughed.

But even if she missed the action, the bull left an impression--multiple hoof prints where he trampled through her yard.

Johnson said he also left a little gift to help replace the lawn he damaged.

"We're going to leave it there and let our grass fertilize," she added.

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