San Diego

Expect 5 Percent More Drivers on Roads This Memorial Day Weekend: AAA

Millions of drivers are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend for what the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) said is expected to be the busiest on record for the state and the region.

More than 5 million Californians -- 3.21 million from Southern California -- are expected to take trips over 50 miles away from home this holiday weekend. The majority of those will be traveling by car, AAA said. 

AAA Spokesperson Doug Shupe said gas prices are on the rise, up 2 cents a gallon from a week ago and 73 cents a gallon from last year but said it doesn't seem to be a deterrent this Memorial Day. 

The agency expects a 5 percent increase in roadway travel this year. 

"We're hearing that people are continuing to prioritize travel because they really value spending that quality time with friends and family," Shupe said. 

The roadways are expected to be most traveled on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

AAA expects to help about 340,000 stranded drivers in Southern California, mostly for dead batteries, flat tires, or people locked out of their cars, the agency said. 

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