Road Rage Incident in Chula Vista Caught on Camera

Woman who recorded a road rage street fight in Chula Vista spoke exclusively with NBC 7

A road rage incident between two couples in Chula Vista ended with a violent fight in the middle of the street.

The brawl happened at 3rd Avenue and K Street on Monday.

The witness who shot the video spoke exclusively with NBC 7.

Cinthia Lara said she was parked in front of a convenience store when she saw two cars moving southbound with horns blaring. What happened next took her by surprise.

The couple in the silver car stopped in the middle of 3rd Avenue, blocked the other car, and then got out arguing.

Ordinarily, Lara said she would walk away from a fight but she caught this one on camera.

“Just in case worse got to worst. I had proof,” Lara said.

Both drivers threw hard punches while passengers punched and kicked each other.

Lara said one woman who suffered a bloody face was actually the aggressor.

"If someone opened my door and came at me like that yeah, I would definitely defend myself,” Lara said.

The fight lasted less than 30 seconds.

An off-duty police officer, not working for Chula Vista Police, joined other drivers to break up the fight.

Chula Vista Police Captain Fritz Reber said this was the second violent road rage incident reported recently. In the last scuffle, a man was stabbed.

"Get out of the way. Make a turn. Go the other direction. Call 911,” Reber said.

"Road rage is not something you should do; you should always be cautious and aware because you never know who you might run into." he added.

Chula Vista Police responded but only the couple in the silver car stayed at the scene. The injured woman refused medical treatment.

No one was charged with a crime in connection with this incident.

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