Residents Want Less Motorcycle Noise in Del Mar

Members of the community say noise from motorcycles has been getting worse over the years

Some residents in Del Mar say they are tired of hearing loud motorcycles in their community and want to find a solution to decrease the noise.

The issue goes up before the Del Mar City Council during Monday night’s meeting.

It was first brought up during a city council meeting on April 22nd. Members of the community say the noise has been getting worse over the years and it’s especially bad on the weekends.

Council members asked the Sheriff's Department to help enforce noise ordinances while they try to work out a solution to the issue.

Kris Nelson, owner of La Boutique on Camino del Mar says motorcyclists ride through by the dozens at times, setting off car alarms as they ride by.

Nelson says the glass display cases in her store rattle and if a large group rides by, she has to stop speaking with customers until it quiets down.

"The reason they have those engines is because they like the noise,” she said.

She says she doesn’t want to stop anyone from having fun but the noise does impact everyone. And she is glad to hear council has some solutions.

"It would be great if they would try something but I'm not sure necessarily what that solution is." 

Another man tells NBC 7 the loud noise is disturbing especially late at night and early in the morning.

Potential solutions would be to make certain north and southbound road quiet zones and add roundabouts to slow traffic.

But Nelson says speed isn’t necessarily what causes the loudness. It’s the riders revving their engines.

“When they come in groups, there is easily 25 plus at a time that will go through here,” she said.

Another woman who frequents Del Mar says she understands motorcyclists like be out enjoying the scenic drive through Del Mar and hopes a solution that makes everyone happy can be found.

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