Range of Emotions Among San Diegans Follow Donald Trump's Candidacy

Anger. Numbness. Apathy. Optimism. Relief.

There were a range of emotions expressed by voters in downtown San Diego the day after Donald Trump’s stunning presidential victory.

Several spoke to NBC 7 on Wednesday about how they were feeling. There was not one consensus.

“I’m still positive about the country. No worries,” Shakerra Johnson told NBC 7. "I didn’t agree with Trump being president, but what you can do?”

Others said they felt numb or didn’t feel any emotions about the race.

“I didn’t have an emotion. I didn’t feel sad,” Michelle Corona said. “I was just like, ‘OK, that’s it. He’s president. Let’s hope for the best.’”

One voter had vitriol.

“Basically, they’ve elected an idiot,” Steve Eggerman said after saying he felt “terrible.”

Adrian Cyhan, who spoke to NBC 7 outside the Hall of Justice in downtown San Diego, took an optimistic approach. He said he’s relieved the divisive election is over, and to celebrate, he wore patriotic socks on Wednesday.

He’s hoping for unity now.

“As Stephen Colbert suggested, today’s a day to hug a Republican or kiss a Democrat,” he said.

We asked NBC 7’s followers on Twitter how they felt on Wednesday. Here’s what they had to say.

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