Professional Drivers Say Rain Exposes Unseasoned San Diegans

“San Diego doesn’t know how to drive in the rain. We all know that,” one driver said

Ever get the feeling that some of the drivers you’re sharing the wet and rainy roads with are, shall we say, unseasoned?

You’re not alone.

Drivers navigating the first day of this mid-week storm vented their frustrations to NBC 7 Wednesday. Our own Omari Fleming shared their pain.

“It wasn't even rush hour. The freeways were moving, but all the interchanges and merging lanes were backed up with people who seemed to have forgotten how to drive,” Fleming said.

The words seem harsh – especially from a Southern California native – but they were backed up by a few people who make their living behind the wheel in San Diego.

“San Diego doesn’t know how to drive in the rain. We all know that,” Tony Clark said. He makes ends meet driving for Uber.

Fellow rideshare driver Curtis Stevens called the situation on the roadways “a cluster.”

So much of a cluster that they both consider pumping the brakes on their work days when it’s raining.

“If rent was not due I would not be out in this mess,” Stevens said with a laugh. Clark said he was only out for one ride and then he’d call it quits.

So what’s the problem? Is it speed or distracted drivers? Stevens says maybe it’s both.

“You have people that are driving too slow, I mean, which is better than too fast, but at the same time you have people on their devices and on their phones out here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Clark says drivers just need to chill.

“On my way in I saw a few people speeding on the road as if it's a normal day and that’s dangerous for me,” he said.

SANDAG Freeway Service Patrolman Joey Dhoyos patrols the interstates responding to 511 service calls. He said he responded to almost ten accidents Wednesday night alone.

He said Mission Valley is a hot spot for freeway accidents because people seem to be in a hurry.

“People not taking that extra second to slow down and try to get home safe,” he said.

The California Highway Patrol says if you want to reduce your chances of being involved in a wreck, leave early, make sure your wipers are in good condition and be sure to check your tires.

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