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Prayer Vigil Hosted by La Mesa Church After days of Unrest

The vigil started at the Christ Lutheran Church and then made their way to downtown La Mesa

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Community members joined Christian Lutheran Church for a prayer vigil at some of the locations hit by looting and arson in La Mesa over the weekend.

The pastor told NBC 7 the prayer vigil was meant to help heal during this time of unrest.

The prayer vigil made stops at the Vons, La Mesa Community library, and the two banks that were burned down. Participants engaged in song while walking to each prayer spot.

NBC 7's Claudette Stefanian followed the prayer group to several locations throughout the city.

The pastor said the main point of the vigil was to pray for everyone and bring healing, and said in no way was it meant to be a protest.

The mayor of La Mesa, Mark Araposthathis, and Chief Walt Vasquez from the La Mesa Police Department were also in attendance.

"I'm sorry," Araposthathis told the gathering. "I'm sorry this took place. I'm sorry for the events at the trolley station that let to the protests that led to the riot."

The prayer group finished before the daily curfew went into effect.

On Wednesday, leaders of multiple faiths hosted the San Diego Prayer Vigil for Love, Peace, and Justice in Broadway Heights to show support for the Black and Brown communities and to speak out against racial injustice.

“We want to look at pain, suffering, hurt. The changes that folks are going through. So we decided to put this together. It came together well,” said Robert Robinson, a member of the Broadway Heights Community Council, helped organize the vigil.

NBC 7's Jackie Crea reports from Broadway Heights, where an interfaith vigil was held in solidarity of the Black and Brown communities.
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