Poway Rejects Prop A, StoneRidge Golf Course Development

More than 60 percent of voters in Poway cast a "no" vote on a proposed development at the StoneRidge Country Club.

There were 6,450 votes cast against the measure or 62.28 percent of the vote. 

Voters rejected the idea of changing the city's general plan to rezone up to 25 acres of the county club from an "open space-recreation'' designation to "residential condominium.''

The owner of the StoneRidge Country Club, Michael Schlesinger, a Beverly Hills developer, wanted to develop 180 residential condominium units for residents over the age of 55, according to the ballot measure.

"The condos were going to be built around 30-feet from our backyard," said resident Keith Sato. 

He told NBC 7, he did not want his backyard view to be taken up by condominiums.

"We were going to lose property values regardless, whether it's a brown open space or a two-story condo invading your privacy and looking into your yard and blocking your view," said Anna Kana, who lives several houses down from Sato. 'So candidly, it was a lose-lose situation for us."

But resident Steve Seigel said he voted for the measure because he preferred that option over having the golf course be shut down.

"It's the least of two evils as far as I'm concerned," Seigel said.

Schlesinger also released a statement in response to the voting result, which read, in part:

"This is now out of our hands. The entire facility will be locked up and fenced for the foreseeable future, the golf course will vanish, and the City will suffer economic and property value loss from this black hole in the community."

Schlesinger also bought the Escondido Country Club Golf Course--which is on the decision table to be redeveloped.

But a proposed plan to redevelop the land into a complex of 392 homes is also getting pushback from Escondido residents.

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