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PostSecret Exhibit Coming to Museum of Man in San Diego

The exhibit asks, 'Would you share your secrets with a stranger?'

The Museum of Man in Balboa Park is teaming up with PostSecret for a 2-year exhibit of secrets made into artwork on postcards. 

The exhibit boldly asks, 'Would you share your secrets with a stranger?' It is interactive and many of the secrets on display come from locals. 

A "pop up" street team collected postcards with secrets from locations all over San Diego including downtown, Mission Valley, Ocean Beach and La Jolla. 

"I have a very pretty friend. Sometimes I tell her she looks tired so she'll be self-conscious like the rest of us," one of the secrets reads. 

Another one says, "I am too polite to ever tell you this but I hate your stupid tattoo!" 

Those secrets are mixed in with postcard secrets from people all over the United States, all anonymous. 

The popular website has received millions of postcards with secrets on them since it was started by Frank Warren in 2005. Since then, the website has acquired a cult following, with new secrets posted online every Sunday. 

Warren believes that 'secrets are the currency of intimacy' and strives to bring people together through live events all over the country. 

On Monday night, the Museum of Man hosted a sold-out live PostSecret event with Warren.

The exhibit will open to the public starting April 14. It will cost $13 per adult. 

Learn more about the exhibit by clicking here. 

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