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Port of San Diego Conducts Nighttime Noise Study in Barrio Logan

Community members are invited to voice their concerns about nighttime noise

The Port of San Diego announced it will commission a nighttime noise study in Barrio Logan in order to be a "good neighbor" to the neighborhoods on San Diego Bay. The study will investigate the exact sources of noise such as "shipyard and maritime operations or interstate freeway traffic."

Small outreach teams will be conducting in-person interviews at high traffic locations in the Barrio Logan neighborhood on Sept. 27 and Sept. 28 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Those looking to voice their concerns can visit Ryan Bros Coffee in the morning, Northgate Market in the late morning, Las Cuatro Milpas around lunchtime, and Barrio Dogg in the late afternoon, according to the Port of San Diego.

Residents will be invited to express their experiences with disruptive noises during nighttime hours. Representatives of local businesses will also be interviewed to increase understanding about nighttime industry operations and procedures.

Nighttime noise affects quality of life, including mental and physical health for the residents and businesses, according to the Port of San Diego. The study will help the Port, the City of San Diego, and the maritime industry near Barrio Logan decrease nighttime noise.

The study wants to identify nighttime noise sources in the community, specifically 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. 

The community survey, available in English and Spanish, can be filled out online or via a mail-in form.

The final study’s release date has not been announced.

To learn more about the study and to fill out a survey, click here.

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