Petco Park to Renovate Space in “Beach Lifestyle” Motif

Petco Park will transform its right-center field area to a two-level beachy atmosphere as part of a series of upgrades announced on Monday.

The Padres announced the upgrades in a news release, stating the center piece of the renovations is a two-level social space “inspired by San Diego’s beach lifestyle.”

Construction will begin this week.

The area, currently occupied by The Beachers seating area and beach play area, will be remodeled to include drink rails that will line the front row of each level. In between the drink rails, 60 seats will be available. The entire area can fit nearly 600 people, the news release said.

The area will be sold as a group space for the majority of games, officials said.

The children’s sand play area will be relocated to a space along K Street.

Other upgrades announced in the news release include new home plate club seating, backstop netting and ongoing work on a new Padres Hall of Fame to open on K Street ahead of the 2016 All-Star Game.

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