San Diego a ‘Top 10 Vegan-Friendly City': PETA

The city of San Diego has been recognized by PETA as one of the top 10 cities that supports a vegan lifestyle

For the first time, San Diego has snagged a spot as one the top "vegan-friendly" cities in America, according to a list compiled by PETA.

Per the list, San Diego ranks No. 6 among U.S. cities that support the vegan lifestyle -- and PETA said many vegan-friendly, local eateries are behind this.

Along with the ranking, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer was gifted with a framed certificate signed by PETA’s President, Ingrid Newkirk, which praises San Diego for providing residents with a breadth of yummy vegan options.

Vegans certainly aren't starving for choices in San Diego, with a variety of restaurants offering cusine laden with fruits and vegetables. Some local eateries have fully embraced the vegan lifestyle, while others offer alternative vegan menus to their customers.

Lovers of italian food can indulge their cravings at Little Italy’s Civico 1845, which offers vegan pasta dishes like millet “meatball” over garden salad with edible flowers, or lasagna stuffed with fresh mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots and olives.

"Whether you're looking for lasagne romagnola made with seitan or a soy chorizo quesadilla packed with melty dairy-free cheese, San Diego has the restaurant for you," said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "San Diego is making a triumphant debut on PETA's list thanks to vibrant and delicious cuisine that's kind to animals, the environment, and diners' health alike."

For an edgier vegan scene, head off to Kindred, a vegan, death-metal themed cocktail bar in downtown San Diego. They serve savory, barbeque-style vegan dishes, like seared cauliflower “steak,” Memphis BBQ Jackfruit and beet risotto.

Some other vegan restaurants include Evolution, a fast-food joint known for its “fish” fillet sandwiches and “chicken” Ceasar wraps and the delicious bakery Moncai Vegan with gluten-free black cherry cupcakes.

For Mexican food cravings, there’s Lotus Cafe in Encinitas which offers vegan burritos and tacos, right next to the beach. PETA featured Pokez and Casa de Reyes as other vegan-friendly places to grab tacos and burritos. The veggie-packed, raw-food restaurant Peace Pies, in Encinitas and downtown San Diego, offers dishes like the “magical” mango curry wrap and “karmic” kale salads.

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Other restaurants that PETA praised include Plumeria, the Purple Mint Vegetarian Bistro and Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Cafe. In the diverse city of San Diego, vegan food can range from spicy meat-free Thai larb to “chicken” teriyaki.

According to PETA, San Diego is regularly ranked one of the healthiest cities in the country, as well as a top city for triathletes, so this vegan-friendly ranking is also a cause to celebrate.

Other vegan-friendly cities that made PETA’s list include, in order: Portland; Los Angeles; New York City; Detroit; Nashville; Honolulu; Austin; Seattle; Richmond.

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