Paying it Forward: Medical Providers Benefit From Good Deeds

Businesses try to take care of each other during global pandemic

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It seems like everyone is trying to get someone’s back these days.

That couldn’t be more apparent than in Oceanside Thursday.

Raschelle Everett and her husband lifted several boxes out of their truck and handed them over to nurses, doctors, and firefighters outside of Tri-City Medical Center. The boxes were filled with burritos and bags of tortilla chips.

“We support them. Show them that we care,” said Everett, the owner of Señor Grubby’s in Oceanside. “Those kinds of things make you go home and feel really good.”

That good feeling is tough to get when a global pandemic has decimated their restaurant’s business.

“Oh, it’s frustrating,” said Everett. “We can’t wait to have our guests back.”

Mark Davis is one of those guests.

“They’ve lost most of their staff and they’re on unemployment,” said Davis, who is the CEO for Precision Electric Group California, a commercial electrical contractor.

His company’s clients include four of the labs currently working on a vaccine for the coronavirus.

“We’re part of the machine,” he said while standing in their mostly empty Oceanside offices.

Davis is Everett’s uncle. He knew his niece regularly made meals for front line emergency workers.

“And I said, ‘Well, let’s make a donation, too,’” he said. “We like to give back.”

David gave Señor Grubby’s $1,000 to support the restaurant.

“He gave us a lump of money for us to be able to go and spend it how we thought that it should be best spent,” said Everett.

“It feels great and hopefully they can share it with other people,” added Davis.

The circle of good will continue at Tri-City Medical Center with the medical providers who support the entire community.

“Using that money for good, it makes you feel like you’re doing the right thing at the end of the day,” said Everett. “Kind of just been teaming up together to the best that we can to keep the community going.”

Everett said her uncle’s donation is big enough to provide meals for at least two more hospitals.

In the meantime, she said they are anxious to fully open Señor Grubby’s.

“We’re waiting to be able to open up. We keep getting told it’s going to be within days. It’s going to be within days,” Everett said.

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