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Passion About Student Grading During Distance Learning

Some parents and students from Vista Unified School District want what drive-by protesters from San Dieguito Union High School District want

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Student grades continue to be a passionate issue during this period of distance learning. Some parents and students in the San Dieguito Union School District want a choice about whether students get credit/no credit, or a letter grade.

Now, some parents and students in the Vista Unified School District also want the same.  

"Protect everyone, if you need a credit/no credit, ok. But if you worked your butt off these 12 weeks of the semester, should they erase those grades?" said Kimberly Campbell, who volunteers in the schools.

Vista Unified School District Superintendent Matt Doyle, Ed.D. said during this pandemic, students are stressed, and they need to decompress and not worry about grades. They may have a family member who is a first responder or someone who has lost a job, or maybe someone who is sick or who'd died.

Doyle said those students too might like to bring up their grades to improve their grade point averages and go to college, but he said, “They don’t have the same situation.” 

Campbell said she understands that perspective. 

“I care about every student, and I think parents and students need to pick what’s best for them, and options need to be there,” she said.

She and other parents worry Vista students will be at a disadvantage if compared to students from districts giving letter grades. They also are concerned some universities outside California will not accept credit/no credit; they have contacted Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office for clarification.

“That’s my worry, this credit/no credit is protecting kids in this state, but if they leave, do they have to accept it?” Campbell said.

Doyle said the district should “reduce the opportunity gap, not enhance the opportunity gap.”  He said the word he likes to use to describe this is “Grace. Grace and compassion to fellow students and families during this time of need.”

Campbell understands there is no easy answer. She also feels for students in a stressful situation at home. Still, she and other parents want the board to hear them on the matter.  That may go a long way to understanding everyone’s point of view.

To view Vista Unified School District full text on the temporary grading policy, click here.

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