#OnFriar Podcast: the Seat Warms Under Andy Green

The Padres skipper has changed his tone on a few things and that could be alarming

The Padres are not going to the playoffs this year. They still say they want to go next year.

But how realistic is that, really?

On this week's OnFriar Podcast, NBC7's Darnay Tripp and Derek Togerson take a look at whether or not Andy Green is the right guy to lead the Padres to the post-season. One of the hosts is alarmed at how a few comments have changed of late because it might signal a change in focus that is not going to benefit the team.

Also there's a debate on who should win the N.L. Rookie of the Year award. But should there be? Does Fernando Tatis Jr. really have a chance to win it over a slugging rookie in the nation's #1 media market? We discuss that, take a look down on the farm, and ask whether or not trading MacKenzie Gore is an acceptable idea.

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