Bullets Miss Baby, Kill Father in Valencia Park

The deadly shooting happened just before 1 p.m. on Euclid Avenue and Market Street in San Diego's Lincoln Park community

A barrage of bullets pummeled a father's car in San Diego Friday, narrowly missing his infant son in the back seat but killing the father, police confirmed.

The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) said 23-year-old Jamar Johnson, a father of three, was driving with his 6-month-old son in San Diego's Valencia Park community around 1 p.m. when an unknown suspect opened fire on Johnson's vehicle at Euclid Avenue and Market Street.

The bullets narrowly missed the infant who was strapped into a car seat in the back seat of Johnson's white Pontiac GrandPrix. Remarkably, the baby was not hurt despite being directly in the line of fire. The baby's car seat was struck by bullets, but not the child.

SDPD officers said at least five shots were fired into Johnson's car. There were bullet holes all over the vehicle, from the rear passenger door to the front seat.

[G] 23-Year Old Killed in Valencia Park Shooting, Infant Son Survives

When officers arrived on scene, they found Johnson unresponsive, with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body. He was taken to the Scripps Mercy Hospital but did not survive his injuries.

More than 30 family members and friends waited outside the hospital emergency room. It was an emotional gathering with some expressing their anger over the murder and some sharing their grief.

Pastor Cornelius Bowser, the leader of the anti-violence group called "DOVE," comforted the family and told NBC 7 Johnson's death was unbelievable.

”Oh shocking, shocking. This is not something that is normal anywhere for anyone at any time so it’s most definitely a shocking situation,” Bowser said.

The intersection of Euclid Avenue and Market Street was shutdown to traffic while Homicide Detectives were called out to investigate.

SDPD said Johnson was at a stoplight when a newer Jeep SUV drove up alongside his car and one of the suspects opened fire.

Anyone with information is asked to the San Diego Police Department's Homicide Unit at (619)531-2293 or Crime Stoppers at (888)580-8477.

As of Saturday morning, no arrests had been made.

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