Officers Injured by Green Laser

Harbor police searching for person responsible for aiming laser at two officers


An officer was seriously injured over the weekend after a green laser was pointed at his eyes in Point Loma.

Two officers were patrolling the area near the Shelter Island Fishing Pier around 3:30 p.m. Friday night when someone pointed a green laser at the officers.

Both officers were injured, and one was temporarily blinded. He was taken off duty for several days to recover, according to a Harbor Police statement.

Officer Robert Twardy described what happened when his partner Officer Jennifer McMaster looked to the area of Point Loma near Canon and Talbot, just below Catalina Boulevard where they saw something shining in their direction.

"She had actually turned her head to look toward it because she was curious to see what it was and it struck her directly in the right eye," Twardy said.

Twardy was also hit in the right eye.

"I noticed that I had a bright spot, like a residual flash that you kind of get when a camera flashes in your eye," he explained.

His partner got a more direct hit and was in a lot of pain and complained of blindness.

Green lasers are especially dangerous, as they can  cause lasting damage to delicate tissue in the human eye.

Fortunately Officer McMaster, will make a full recovery.

Recently, an increasing number of lasers have been pointed at airplanes, posing great danger to aircrafts and their pilots.

Last July, an 18-year-old man was accused of pointing a laser at the cockpit of a San Diego police helicopter. He was ordered to stand trial on a felony charge, and faces three years in prison if convicted.

Officer Twardy has a warning for anyone who thinks it's funny to point a high powered laser at someone else.

"If you keep doing it, we're going to find you," he said.

The Harbor Police are asking the public to come to them with any information on the location or identity of the individual responsible for the May 4th incident. Call (619) 686-8000
with any tips.

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