Oceanside Woman Rides Out Deadly Mexico Quake on Boat

Alyne Tamir was on a small tour boat when the quake hit.

An Oceanside woman on vacation in Mexico City is struggling to sleep after Tuesday's deadly magnitude 7.1 earthquake.

Alyne Tamir was on a small tour boat when the quake hit. Tuesday's quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands. More than 200 are dead, and recovery efforts continue.

“The water just started shaking and churning and the boat started toppling and water was filling the boat, so it was very unexpected,” Tamir told NBC 7.

After about 30 seconds, the boat captain announced it was an earthquake and told everyone to remain calm.

Tamir said the fear didn’t really set in until they returned to shore.

“It was scary after the fact. When I got off the boat and onto land, and I heard all of the news of what had happened, I realized how serious it was,” Tamir said.

Cell phone and internet service have been spotty, and while on the phone with NBC 7 Wednesday, Tamir was told by officials to get off the phone due to concerns about possible gas leaks.

Although Tamir said there haven’t been any major aftershocks, she is still a little shaken.

“We're all safe, for now. But, I mean, you never know. I'm on the 15th story of a hotel, so it's not comfortable going to sleep at night, you know?"

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