OB Stabbing Sheds Light on Area's Safety

Despite recent reports, figures show downturn in Ocean Beach crime

Detectives are still looking for a knife wielding Ocean Beach bar patron who was kicked out of a club Monday night, shortly before a brutally slashed man was found in the adjacent alley.

Witnesses told SDPD that a man wielding a knife was threatening to stab people after he was kicked out of a bar Monday night at around 10:30 p.m., according to police.  
Police arrived to the scene shortly after only to find an unconscious man with his intestines exposed, suffering from apparent stab wounds, between the Arizona Club and Winstons, according to a media release.
Detectives weren’t certain if the two reports---one of the knife-wielding man and the subsequent victim---were linked and a suspect in the stabbing has yet to be captured.

Some say the crime may be re-enforcing the perception that Ocean Beach: a gritty, grungy but charming community has crossed the line becoming increasingly dangerous and scary.
"It’s really scary and bad for business,” said OB merchant, Laura Smith. “[The crime] makes people not want to come here.” 
Smith said she installed an elaborate security system throughout her sweet shop, but that doesn’t alleviate her fear and the same is true for other OB merchants.
Worries aside though, crime figures tell the story.
The number of aggravated assaults in Ocean Beach is about the same as 12 months ago and overall crime, including violent crime, is down, according to reports.
Steve Cowan, a merchant in the area, said that, despite the recent reports, Ocean Beach is still a good area.
"Stuff happens everywhere,” Cowan said.  “I mean this was a weird incident but we feel good around here.”

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