New Variant Spurs Push to Get More Baja California Adults Vaccinated in US

The consulate is pushing to get more Baja California adults to get vaccinated or booster shots on this side of the border

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In light of the growing number of COVID-19 cases connected to the omicron variant, the Mexican Consulate in San Diego is making a push to vaccinate more Baja California adults through the consulate located in Little Italy.

Since early November, the local consulate has made a bi-national effort to vaccinate minors. It's now held three events in which Baja California minors are bused to the U.S. for vaccinations. The consulate is hoping to vaccinate 450 minors by the end of the year.

But now, the consulate is pushing to get more Baja California adults to get vaccinated or booster shots on this side of the border.

NBC 7's Allie Raffa spoke to a County Supervisor about how the county is trying to cut through red tape and get pass extra doses on to our neighbors across the border.

Jorge Briseno, 42, accompanied his daughter from Tijuana to a consulate vaccination event on Thursday and decided to get a booster shot.

“Pfizer is very limited in Tijuana, and I know there is Pfizer here [U.S.]. It’s faster and easier,” said Briseno.

While visitors to the U.S. must have a travel visa and a proper immigration status, there are no appointments necessary and no other immigration-related information is asked.

“You can come in, being comfortable and not being harassed maybe with documents or anything else, so I do think that helps a lot, coming to your own Mexican Consulate and getting the booster shots here,” said Miguel Hernandez.

Hernandez, who lives in Chula Vista, visited the consulate with two adult friends. All three received their booster shots.

Hernandez, who was a volunteer at the Chula Vista vaccine supercenter earlier this year, was one of the first county residents to be vaccinated in March. He praised the consulate’s efforts and is encouraging Mexican national adults to get vaccinated.

“Actually, I think they prefer to come down here. It’s very accessible. It’s much more accessible than in Mexico. There are complications, supplies, and all that. Here there’s a better supply of medications."

The current vaccination rate in Tijuana is at 80% according to a consulate spokesperson. The vaccines are being provided by the County of San Diego, free of charge.

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