Coronado Crash: This Wasn’t Her First Chase

Jaime Guillen Coronado Crash1

The four people directly involved in a deadly Coronado pursuit crash Thursday morning appear to have known each other, just one of many details acquired in the tragedy's aftermath that include a history of police chases for the deceased driver.

The group of acquaintances include Jamie Guillen, 24, who drove a Ford F-150 truck from the 1400 block of Georgia Street in Imperial Beach to Silver Strand Boulevard in Coronado. She ultimately wrecked, ending a high-speed police chase that lasted less than five minutes and killed both her and a male victim in the backseat.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Guillen has a criminal history dating back to at least 2005 when she was arrested for refusing to stop for police and auto theft.

After being released early from prison, she was then charged again in 2006 with refusing to stop for police, auto theft, and hit and run.

The other two involved parties are a woman who called 911 to report a carjacking and a man who was detained for several hours at the alleged carjacking scene.

It is still unclear whether a carjacking took place. At the scene, friends and relatives of the people involved said Guillen had permission to take the vehicle. On Friday, Lester Ladd, an Imperial Beach resident, said he saw Guillen driving that same truck Wednesday.

"So, I don't know what happened later on why all of a sudden it was OK for her to drive the truck, and then not OK for her to drive the truck," Ladd said, "but she was driving it around all day the day before."

A woman, who would not go on camera, told NBC San Diego Friday she was the one who called 911, but someone handed her the phone and she did not see what happened.

However, the woman said she saw Guillen ask around the neighborhood for a ride someplace. She said the man who would later be killed in the truck refused to leave the vehicle with Guillen because he was trying to protect the vehicle for its owner, who also owned the house at the scene.

Records showed the vehicle's most recent registered owner was Joseph Edwards, who lives on Georgia Street.

People claiming to be Guillen's relatives told NBC San Diego the man detained Thursday was Guillen's boyfriend. He was eventually released.

On Thursday night, the sheriff's department sent out a release with other new details, including that a dog seen flying from the truck at the accident scene belonged to Guillen.

The dog, an 18-month pit bull, was injured but treated at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility.

Also in the release, the sheriff's department reported a second man was in the truck when the vehicle departed from Georgia Street. He vacated the vehicle at an undetermined place and time before it crashed and may have been a working automobile detailer, deputies said.

The truck reached speeds of at least 80 mph on State Route 75 during the chase, which began near Calla and Delaware Street when the truck collided with a deputy's car.

The chase ended when the truck collided into a parked red car, rolled over and was engulfed in flames. Guillen and the male passenger were trapped inside, according to the Medical Examiner's Office.

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